TL;DR – You don’t have to be a tech-savvy to own a blog. We have all you need to start a self-hosted WordPress blog in 15 minutes.

How to create a blog in 15 minutes?

Note: I no longer update this site actively. There’s a better start a blog guide on my primary site – Web Hosting Secret Revealed (WHSR), you should visit there instead. I promise it will worth your time! ??

So you want to start a blog but don’t know where to start?

Guess what – neither did many pro-bloggers when they first got started, myself included.

We were all newbies at one point, right?

The good news: Blogging is do-able for almost anyone with a computer connected to the Internet. And you would be surprised how easy it is to start a blog. In fact I think some cats can blog too! (just kidding)

In this article, I am going to show you how to create a fully-operating blog in approximately 15 minutes.

Generally, there are three steps to follow.

  1. Get a domain name and web host
  2. Install WordPress
  3. First login to WordPress

Sounds easy? You bet! So what are you waiting for– let’s roll out! (Speak it loud in Optimus Prime’s tone, please).

1. Get a domain name and web host

First, you will need a web host and a domain name. Many hosting companies give out free domain to their first time customers, so for simplicity sake we are going to utilize that and register our domain with the hosting company.

Side note: There are two methods to setup your blog – on a free platform like or on a self-hosted environment. While ‘free’ is always a great option, I don’t recommend readers to opt for this option. To learn more, read in my other article: Why I don’t recommend a free blogging platform.

Recommended blog hosting for newbies

For newbies, I recommend iPage or WebHostingHub hosting due to three reasons:

  • Easy to start – The ordering process with both is very direct and easy; plus both web hosts allow instant account activation.
  • User-friendly – You can install WordPress (the blogging software we are going to use) in just a few clicks – good for non tech-savvy people.
  • Dirt cheap – They are the cheapest and reliable.

For this post, I will use iPage for our reference.

Getting Started: Signup on iPage

Click this link to order iPage online.*

(Link opens in new window so you can still come back to this page for my instruction.)

First, visit iPage to sign up a new hosting account – Click ‘Signup Now’ when you are on iPage’s website.

Visit here

Skip SuperBoost ad page

You’ll be directed to an advertisement page (iPage’s upselling its Super Boost feature). SuperBoost is a great feature but you don’t need it now. So click ‘No Thanks’ and skip this.

Skip Super Boost - you don't need it now.

Insert your domain

You’ll be promoted to register a new domain then.

Select and input your new domain

Quick tips for choosing a domain name.

  • Make sure it’s easy to remember
  • Make it unique (so people won’t confuse your blog with others)
  • Avoid trademarked or copyrighted phrase
  • Avoid punctuation and numbers
  • Pick a .com if possible; .net is the second best IMHO.


On the next screen you will submit your personal contact information, credit card details, and confirm on your subscription plan. Under Purchase Information, there are a few upgrades (Advanced Site Protection, Directory Listing, etc), make sure you uncheck all as you don’t need these features now.

The checkout process at

Click ‘Check Out’ at the bottom when you are ready.

2. Install WordPress

Okay, now you have got a hosting account ready. It’s time to setup your WordPress.

iPage supports instant account activation – this means you can start building your blog right away! To get started, let’s head over to iPage control panel.

Quick tip: You should receive a confirmation email as soon as you complete the purchase process in step 1. Follow the instructions in the email and login to your iPage control panel.

Login to iPage

Go to Simple Scripts to start WordPress installation

At the top of your dashboard, look for an icon named Simple Scripts (it should be under ‘My Favorites’). Click it – it’s a handy app that helps us to install easily. Basically you can get everything up and running in a few clicks – it’s dead easy – so simple that even a six-years-old can do it.

WordPress Installation via Simple Scripts

Anyhow, I am going to provide you the walk through guide for the installation process.

Find your way to the WordPress icon on Simple Scripts dashboard.

Scroll down and find your way to WordPress in the menu

Click “Install” to start a fresh installation.

Click new installation on dashboard

Insert blog location details and tick GPLv2 license agreement. Click ‘Complete’ once you are ready to finalise your installation. And, that’s all.

Click complete when you are ready

Piece of cake, yeah?

3. First login to your WordPress

So your WordPress blog is installed, it’s time for your first login! You will be given a login URL (in most cases, something like this: when the installation is complete. Follow the URL and you’ll come to the login page.

login to WordPress

Useful tip: You’ll be visiting this URL very often from here onwards, so it’d be a good idea to bookmark it.

Inside WordPress

inside WordPress

And… you are done! Congratulations, you now have your WordPress blog up and running (told you – that doesn’t take very long, yeah?)

Now What?

Okay, you have your WordPress blog up. What’s next?

Well, you can start with writing your first post, install a new WordPress theme, configure your blog settings … etc. Or, you can check out our best blogging tips (outgoing link to my primary site – WHSR) to learn how to write better blogpost, drive more traffics to your blog, build an awesome looking blog, and make some money from your blog.

* This is an affiliate link. If you order via this link I will earn a commission. It’s also a special promo link where you’ll get some extra discounts on iPage.

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